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Dear Friend,

For decades, Yellowstone bison have been largely confined within the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park. Today, you have a chance to change that by supporting new habitat for bison outside park borders.

Please take action right now and support this new vision.

During severe winters, when bison moved outward into Montana in search of snow-free forage, bison and their young have been routinely rounded up and shipped to slaughterhouses. Fear of bison transmitting the disease brucellosis to cattle has spurred this aggressive management.

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However, things are changing. We now have the chance to reverse this archaic approach to managing bison.

Right now, we can open more than 70,000 acres of public land adjacent to Yellowstone’s northern boundary to migrating bison. Please contact Montana wildlife officials to voice your support for this historic advance for Yellowstone bison.

Two key elements have combined to make this improved management possible. First, GYC in partnership with other conservation groups and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks secured a deal to remove cattle from the Royal Teton Ranch in 2008, thereby eliminating the largest potential risk of bison intermingling with cattle and transmitting brucellosis. Second, federal agencies relaxed the long-standing and inflexible brucellosis regulations affecting cattle producers and states so that rare outbreaks of brucellosis no longer inflict severe economic consequences.

We need your voice to ensure Yellowstone bison are saved from future slaughter. Help provide bison access to thousands of acres of the Gallatin National Forest and other public lands by writing Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks today!

For Yellowstone bison,

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Mike Clark
Executive Director

P.S. Please pass this message along to 5 friends. Your activism makes a difference. Together, all of us can create a brighter future for Yellowstone bison!

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